Who am I?

The world is a place full of doors and I try to get through any door that is open. If they are not, I knock. If they don’t open easily, I push!. Therefore I sing, act, direct, dance, write and even sometimes paint, design, sew… I have performed mostly as a professional singer, anything from Opera to latinamerican folk, jazz, Bosa Nova…  With the World Music group Orbestra I researched and performed for 13 years music between Africa, North and South America and most everything in between. Amongst my acting experiences I played the leading part in a Colombian film. I wrote, produced, acted, sung and danced in the Tangotheatre play Malena: La Amante Olvidada that was very well received by critics and audiences.

I have been a cleaner, waitress, model for painters and sculptors, shop assistant, baby sitter, driver, actress, Opera singer.

I love and have loved most of the jobs I do and have done. The only thing I regret is not to have sung enough and not to be singing more professional Opera. I’d love to do some serious acting.  Being a professional pianist would have been wonderful also.  I’d love to be a motivational speaker.  Also a quack Doctor.

My absolutely favourite thing is writing, which I’ll continue doing for as long as I live/can.

And so… life goes on.